Get The Best Of Everything On The OnePlus Nord 2 Series

The new Oxygen Plus smartphone is the perfect solution for those looking for the best mobile phone with a sleek design and cutting edge features. With the increase in demand of the smart phones, the companies are constantly producing new models with different functions. Oneplus has introduced a series of smartphones after a lengthy research and testing from one of the leading mobile phone manufacturing companies – Nokia. The company has used the feedback from users and added the unique selling Point of View – Oxygen feature. This is one of the most unique features that cannot be found in any other smartphone.

The first Nordic mobile phone with the Oneplus oneplus nord 2 feature is the Oxygen Plus. This is the first mobile phone from the brand that has multi functional capabilities and this makes it different from the other phones that can be bought in the market. The Oxygen Plus has an amazing feature called F fluid amoled display. The Oneplus Nord 2 is also a smart phone with an amazing display, fluid action and multi functional buttons that make it one of the best gadgets available in the market today.

When compared to the original Oneplus model, the new Oneplus Nord 2 has an upgraded camera with better zoom and handling. The memory is also enhanced and it has a higher memory density to give the user more storage space for the pictures and videos. The camera on this handset is IPTV ready and this gives real time coverage in multiple rooms in the house or in the office when connected to the internet. This also allows users to view their content on the move without having to stay rooted in one place. The Oneplus Nordic comes with a large LCD screen and it has a big barcode scanner.

The phone comes with a high performance Android operating system and this allows the user to enjoy a complete range of applications from a single click of the mouse. It is also compatible with most android applications such as the Google calendar, Hangouts and much more. This is because the Oneplus Nordic has an advanced Mediatek dimensity 1200 pixel camera which has support for Omx colors and fully digital zoom. It is also compatible with the latest versions of android phones such as the HTC Evo Shift and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

When it comes to the camera, the Oneplus Nordic comes with a rear facing camera which is just like the ones used on some of the high end smartphones. This helps users to get a clear picture even in low-light conditions. Another unique feature of this smartphone is that it has a front facing camera which can be taken in many modes such as video, image and stills. Users can also connect their smartphones with Oneplus smart camcorder which enables them to enjoy the best of video recording. This is because all the features of the Oneplus Nord 2 are fully enabled when the smartphone is used with this camcorder.

The oneplus 2 is available at a price which is comfortable for every budget. It is an affordable device which offers all the features required by the modern generation of mobile users. Users can get high definition pictures and videos and enjoy a wide variety of applications which come built in the handset. The Oneplus 2 is an ideal mid-range phone which is backed by a powerful processing engine and a robust camera.